Shifts in automotive battery requirements

Agenda for
5-9 September

Eckhard Karden
Technical Expert Battery & Energy Storage Technology, Ford Research & Innovation Center
Pre-conference workshop presentation:
Shifts in automotive battery requirements

The requirements for automotive 12 V lead batteries are undergoing significant change due to both powertrain electrification and Functional Safety. When electrified vehicles no longer crank engines by starters and may recharge the 12 V battery during while parking, two important sizing criteria for automotive batteries’ energy and power, or capacity and cold-cranking-current, have to be redefined. Both changes allow for downsizing but may in turn aggravate cyclic wear. At the same time, driver assistance and autonomy features are entering mainstream vehicles and require Functional Safety assessment of the 12 V power supply system. The talk will discuss changing battery requirements and verification methods. Sensitive system parameters that determine component sizing will be discussed. For the established 12 V lead battery system, which consists of commodity parts, harmonization approaches will be highlighted for stack reliability, service concepts and diagnostics.


Eckhard Karden received a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a diploma in Physics from RWTH Aachen University of Technology, Germany. Currently, he is the Technical Expert for Battery & Energy Storage Technology at Ford's Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering Centre in Aachen, Germany. In this role, Eckhard has been responsible for numerous projects in the fields of powertrain electrification, battery modelling and monitoring, and storage technology assessment, all with a main focus on micro-hybridization in 14-V systems.