Pro-active protection of your assets: Battery Fleet Management

Agenda for
5-9 September

Michael Gellert
Product Manager Motive Power, Exide Technologies GmbH
Why wait until there is a problem or hold-up? Fleet management, whether it is the whole warehouse or equipment-specific, means that issues are pre-empted and action taken before downtime impacts the operation. Through monitoring real-life data, its subsequent analysis and initiation of countermeasure your equipment will alert you and your business can avoid downtime of vehicles and, ultimately, production and delivery delays. The cloud based fleet management software, Motion+ Fleet, works via smart connected chargers on both lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, on one site or at multiple sites worldwide, providing operators and warehouse managers with the battery’s and charger’s vital parameters. Once the batteries and chargers are IoT-connected they may simply call service to themselves or place spare part or replacement orders to keep the intralogistics flow running at all times. The presentation will include the optimization of the total cost of ownership based on installations on reference customers’ sites.


Academic background: Ph.D. in Chemistry (from Philipps University Marburg/Germany) followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Science Centre Jülich.

Professional background: Started his professional career at Exide Technologies in 2017 as an Application Engineer for traction batteries and chargers before being promoted to Product Manager in 2020. As Product Manager, Michael owns the product roadmap and is responsible for chargers and electronic accessories throughout the lifecycle.