Lead battery ESS for sustainable energy projects

Agenda for
5-9 September

Carl Telford
Research and Innovation Manager, CBI
Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are an important solution for distribution/deferral for utility services, for residential services, and for industrial services. In addition, BESS have huge potential, in conjunction with renewables, to enable reliable, sustainable electricity supplies to sections of the global population who cannot connect to grid infrastructure. For lead battery markers, involvement in BESS projects is a platform for future growth. As an additional incentive, CBI is pursuing global public-funding mechanisms for BESS – including opportunities in Europe. CBI proposes that—in a suitable location—project partners deploy modular off-grid energy solutions in communities that currently have no access to reliable sources of energy (energy islands). Lead battery technologies can not only enable electrical energy storage, but also provide the enabling components for a novel hydrogen energy solution. This presentation will cover our project development and proposed solutions.


Over 20 years experience in strategic research, consulting, and R&D. An expert in futures thinking, roadmapping, and facilitation. In his career to date, Carl has helped major public and private organisations across the world develop strategies, with particular experience in the automotive, off-highway, energy and infrastructure, and chemicals and materials sectors. His academic background includes a PhD in materials engineering.