Innovations in thin pure lead and lead-tin grid and Plate Production Technology

Agenda for
5-9 September

John Wirtz II
President, Wirtz Manufacturing
AGM-VRLA Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) lead-acid cells and batteries are an ideal solution for many applications requiring high performance, and long service-life; for example, reserve power energy storage batteries in data centres, motive power and transportation applications.

This presentation reviews the recent advances in continuous grid casting and plate pasting process technology; illustrates the importance of selecting the appropriate manufacturing process to both produce and handle grids manufactured from ‘soft’, ‘thin’, pure-lead and lead-tin alloys; and ‘advanced’ plate-pasting process(s) capable of producing pasted plates with consistent characteristics; in particular, pasted plate thickness, active material weight, paste-to-grid adhesion and over-paste distribution; for the consistent high-speed production of optimum quality positive and negative pasted plates for use in ‘high performance’, prismatic, AGM-VRLA TPPL lead-acid cells/batteries.