Industrial lead battery global market trends & forecast

Agenda for
5-9 September

Nick Starita
President, Energy Solutions Division, Hollingsworth & Vose
The global industrial lead battery market continues to evolve based on the changing needs of its diversified customer base and government regulations. In order to understand these global market dynamics, data and insights were gathered from industry experts to analyze both the stationary and motive power segments. We will review the industrial battery market trends and lead battery forecast for each region and application to draw conclusions about the future business outlook for our industry.


Nick Starita is the President of the Energy Solutions Division at Hollingsworth & Vose, where he oversees H&V’s global battery separator business. Nick has been supporting the Lead Battery Industry for several years, researching and presenting trends and forecasts for the Industrial Lead Battery industry at both BCI and ELBC. Nick has been with H&V for twelve years. Prior to H&V, Nick was at Milliken & Company for nine years in Operations and Strategy roles.