Patrick Clerens

Agenda for
5-9 September



Patrick Clerens, Secretary General of the European Association for the Storage of Energy – EASE.

Mr Clerens studied law at the University of Saarbrücken and the University of Mainz. Since 1996, he has worked as a consultant for a private company specialising in European Affairs in Brussels. In his capacity as Brussels Representative of different European associations, he has been involved in the climate and energy field since 2003.

He has managed the EASE office in Brussels as Secretary General since its establishment in September 2011. Since then, EASE has grown from the initial 13 founding members to around 60.

How energy storage targets will accelerate the rollout of battery solutions
Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, European Association for the Storage of Energy

Accelerating the uptake of renewables is crucial to the EU’s energy independence, security of supply and achievement of climate targets. Energy storage solutions including batteries are key enablers for integrating wind and solar, providing critical low carbon energy shifting and flexibility services. However, today the deployment of these critical technologies is lagging behind wind and solar deployment. Fixed energy storage targets that support existing climate targets will create the clearest signal to the storage industry and investors to accelerate the rollout of battery solutions, further reducing costs and enabling the success of Europe’s climate targets.