Sachin Kumar

Agenda for
5-9 September



Sachin Kumar is Technical and R&D Manager at Microporous in Tennessee, USA since 2021, working on Rubber and Hybrid Industrial battery separators. Previously, he worked as Senior Scientist in Energy Solutions group at Hollingsworth & Vose Company in Massachusetts, USA developing AGM, pasting papers and other battery products. Sachin has extensive research background in Lead-Acid battery, Supercapacitors, Li-ion battery, and Fuel-cells. He earned BE in Pulp and Paper Technology from IIT-Roorkee, INDIA, MS in Paper Science and Engineering from Miami University, OH, USA and Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Miami University, OH, USA.

High performance PE separator for deep-cycle battery applications
Sachin Kumar, R&D Manager, Microporous

Microporous has developed a new high-performance PE/Rubber hybrid battery separator for deep-cycle battery application. Our new separator has greatly improved the performance of polyethylene-based separators by use of proprietary components. Polyethylene separators are used across multiple lead-acid battery types and applications ranging from automotive, industrial, motive, stationary, etc. For deep-cycle applications, long battery life along with high capacity, high charge acceptance and antimony suppression properties are some of the critical requirements for separators. In our new high-performance separator, we have used proprietary components that greatly reduce the internal electrical resistance (ER) of the separator, we have demonstrated the ability of our separator to greatly enhance the charge acceptance and capacity retention of the battery while keeping long cycle life. Our new separator also has components that imparts improved antimony suppression during the cycling of the batteries. In our presentation, we will discuss our separator performance results from 6V golf cart battery testing as well as battery test results from other battery types. Our new separator can also be made in either leaf or roll form which provides flexibility to battery manufacturers during production.