Changing Requirements for auxiliary batteries (including functional safety)

Agenda for
5-9 September

Bernd Engwicht
Director Automotive Battery Application Engineering, East Penn Manufacturing Co.
Pre-conference workshop presentation:

The current and future developments towards higher degrees of electrification of the drivetrain on one side and to an increase of automated driving assistance have resulted in changing requirements for energy storage in vehicles. In addition to the main battery, a second auxiliary battery covers a full range of functions. These will be described and categorized with their effects on battery design and expected performance.


Bernd Engwicht has held various positions in European and American Battery Companies since 1989 including Vice President of Product Engineering and Global Product Engineering with the main responsibility to roll out Lead Acid Start Stop technology globally. In 2015 he joint East Penn Manufacturing in Pennsylvania in the position of Director Automotive Application Engineering covering Advanced Products for OEM customers as well as Product Engineering in active collaboration with various external partners and customers.

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Hannover University.