Steve Mate

Agenda for
5-9 September



Steve founded Mate Gauge (previously known as Co-efficient Precision Engineering) in September of 2005 and has served as CEO ever since. These days he spends most of his time working with flat product manufacturers to help integrate their non-contact thickness measurement solutions into their product lines. Earlier in his career he worked as a photonics and application engineer at Intelligent Photonics Control and Nortel Networks. Mate Gauge was conceived after he noticed a real desire within the lead-acid battery industry for automatic measurement of lead strip and battery plates. Their focus has always been not just on building the necessary equipment, but creating a complete solution, both hardware and software. They aim to help flat product manufacturers reduce material overages, achieve tighter controls, and make better batteries.

Inline Insights – hot takes on lead-acid battery production quality
Steve Mate, CEO, Mate Gauge

Lead battery manufacturing is a game of microns. Any slight deviations in layer thickness along your rolling and pasting lines can significantly affect the quality of your product downstream. Being able to tightly control your entire production process down to the most finite detail is imperative to ensure the highest quality product while keeping up with today’s increasing battery demand and rising raw material costs. Unlike typical production monitoring solutions, Mate Gauge enables the unique opportunity for battery manufacturers to optimize their processes through real-time, data-driven decision making. Our inline laser thickness gauges provide insights and tools to help tighten production tolerance spread and shift the nominal thickness standard. Mate Gauge combines hardware and software to deliver a complete and comprehensive thickness gauging solution designed to improve quality, enhance efficiency, and reduce material overages in the battery manufacturing industry.