Transportation battery forecast to 2027… dynamic developments continue

Agenda for
5-9 September

Ray Kubis
Chair, Gridtential Energy/Silicon Joule Technology
The paper will cover forecasted volume and mix of batteries in energy content and value across the electrification of light vehicles, and also from eBikes to eBuses, and the evolving commercial truck fleets. This will include the assumptions on the technology mix and opportunities for battery makers and examples across the diverse transport options worldwide for people and goods.


Kubis brings 35 years of management and technology experience worldwide with market leaders in the industrial and automotive sectors of the battery industry. For a cumulative 15 years, Kubis served as President of Hawker and EnerSys, leading the companies’ industrial battery business development across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has also worked in senior leadership positions with Johnson Controls and Exide in the automotive battery industry. Most recently, Kubis has served as President of EcoBat Technologies, Ltd., the global leader in the recycling and supply of lead for batteries. As Gridtential continues to license its Silicon Joule™ platform to battery manufacturers, Kubis’ past experience will play a significant role in scaling the innovative platform worldwide.