Technical standards for 12 V auxiliary batteries (IEC 60095-8)

Agenda for
5-9 September

Luca Brisotto
Director OE Homologations & Requirement Analysis - R&D EMEA, Exide Group
Pre-conference workshop presentation:
This paper will discuss the reasons for creating a new standard for 12 V lead batteries, the technical challenges and development pathway. It will show how it will align with the new application features by retaining the consolidated robustness and reliability typical of 12 V lead SLI and stop&start batteries.

By carrying over decades of experience with state-of-the-art test methods and by introduction of new test methodologies, through better understanding of battery performance, the new standard will support the safe and reliable use of 12 V lead batteries for low voltage support for all existing and upcoming xEV applications.


Luca Brisotto joined Exide Technologies Product Development in 2001, after a M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan. He has since worked as Key Account / Application Engineer for several Car Manufacturers. in 2005 he started working on the development of the first-generation EFB batteries for stop&start vehicles. From 2012 to 2019 he has been responsible for the OE Application Engineering team EU, and from 2020 responsible for OE homologations and the requirement analysis department. He is a member of CENELEC TC21X and IEC TC21 international technical committees, and is currently leading the new IEC standardization project for 12 V lead-acid AUX batteries.