Progress in development of test procedures for European Standards of EN 50342 family – new version of Micro Hybrid Test (MHT)

Agenda for
5-9 September

Dr. Torsten Hildebrandt
The family of European EN 50342 standards are the basis for qualification and validation of lead batteries in modern vehicle applications. In particular, the documents EN 50342-1 (basic battery definitions and tests) and EN 50342-6 (additional requirements for start-stop applications) are widely accepted and basis for international documents like IEC 60095-1 an IEC 60095-6.

Based on intense validation testing and scientific discussion a new version 2 of the Micro-Hybrid Test procedure (MHT) has been developed. The majority of this new test is unchanged from the previous version, with the main differences being increase of test temperature to 40 °C, shortened rest times and improved total number of cycles to reflect real-life battery duty in regard of charge throughput and operating conditions.

The new version of the test and the results of the validation runs will be presented and an outlook concerning implementation into the next revision of EN 50342-6 will be given. In addition, an overview about the latest changes to the family of EN 50342 documents will be presented.


Torsten Hildebrandt is responsible for requirements analysis and external standardization in Clarios.  He holds an PhD degree in solid state physics from university of Hannover, Germany. He is convenor of CENELEC TC21X working group 3 about lead acid starter batteries, member of IEC TC21 working group 2 and convenor of the starter battery committee in German national standardization committee.