Positive energy: CBI’s roadmap charts path to new generation of batteries

Agenda for
5-9 September

Alistair Davidson
Director, Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)
Significant opportunities exist for lead battery technology in current and future markets. However, in order to meet ever increasing end-user requirements, the lead battery must continue to adapt and improve through advanced research and innovation. This presentation will discuss the work of the Consortium for Battery Innovation – the only global lead battery research consortium.

Key research themes and areas will be presented, highlighting the latest consortium findings and how these are contributing to significant performance enhancements. These will be discussed in relation to the new CBI Technical Roadmap. Utility and renewable energy storage applications offer huge opportunities for all battery technologies – and new projects related to lead batteries used in energy storage applications will be introduced and discussed.


Dr Alistair Davidson is Director of CBI, managing all the consortium’s work programs. Alistair attended the University of Oxford and obtained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He has lectured at both Washington State University, USA and the University of Chongqing, China.