Evolution of technical standards for SLI, EFB and AGM batteries for engine starting and micro-hybrid applications

Agenda for
5-9 September

Jun Furukawa
Senior Adviser, The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd
Pre-conference workshop presentation:

In 2009, the first Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) made in Japan was adopted for Toyota vehicles for Europe equipped with stop and start and regenerative-braking system, later named micro-hybrid. After that EFBs became the mainstream instead of SLI batteries. In this paper, the evolution of technical standards for lead-acid batteries for automotive applications and the advances in the technology of EFBs over the last decade will be reviewed.


Dr Jun Furukawa joined Furukawa Battery in 1980 and is now Senior Adviser to the company. He was awarded the Gaston Plante Medal of the Bulgarian Academy of Science in 2017 and holds more than 150 patents in the battery area.