Olaf Sielemann

Agenda for
5-9 September



Olaf Sielemann is the Director Engineering EMEA at Clarios. He is since September 2019 responsible for the product engineering of all lead products in Europe. Before Olaf held several positions in the product engineering for all kind of lead battery application with more than 30 years’ experience. Olaf earned a Diploma in chemical engineering at the FH Münster (university of applied science).

CLARIOS AGM xEV batteries. The new product line to meet future power net requirements for vehicle applications
Olaf Sielemann, Director of Engineering EMEA, Clarios

Future vehicle applications, like mild-Hybrids, PHEV and BEV, will have new requirements for the low voltage power net architecture. For instance, the engine cranking function will be less important or disappear from the 14V power net. As result the classical starting battery function will be less important or even obsolete. Energy throughput and power pulse capability, also at low temperatures, becomes key to serve new targeted features. Therefore, the 12V battery must be designed for the new requirements and application. Clarios is following consequently this new demand. The battery AGM xEV battery series is designed to meet those new OEM requirements and applications. During the presentation key applications changes, the new requirements and the corresponding battery designs will be highlighted.