CBI technical roadmap: driving innovation across the industry

Agenda for
5-9 September

Matthew Raiford
Senior Technical Manager, Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)
ELBC Technical Session presentation:
CBI technical roadmap: driving innovation across the industry

Across the world, battery energy storage is becoming a more and more important solution for distribution of the utility grid.At the same time batteries are being used to propel and maintain safe operation in electric vehicles while also powering warehouses, telecommunications, and backing up critical services. Lead batteries serve as the most sustainable and reliable form of energy storage, and innovation over the last ten years has pushed performance to new plateaus. However, the required performance of batteries for the future requires innovation and breakthroughs.

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has developed a new roadmap to support and motivate further research and innovation in lead batteries. Development of the roadmap is directly driven by the needs of the market and clear performance goals will be discussed for lead batteries in: Micro-hybrid, Low Voltage EV/Auxiliary, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), Telecom, UPS, and Motive Power. Discussion of these key performance indicators (KPI)s will be focus on goals for the near and far term, including what possible research pathways could lead to lead batteries that meet future market needs.


Matthew Raiford earned his Ph. D. in Chemistry from University of Texas at Austin in 2014. Afterward he started as process engineer at RSR Technologies where he spent five years working on materials development in active materials for lead batteries. At CBI, he manages the ongoing suite of projects in the technical program and provides support and expertise for standards and communication efforts in Europe and North America.