CBI technical program: improving energy storage system and automotive batteries

Agenda for
5-9 September

Begüm Bozkaya
Technical Manager, Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI)
The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) has developed a technical program to advance the lead battery technology to deliver reliable, safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable batteries. The technical program mainly focuses on 12 V automotive and energy storage systems (ESS) to enhance the dynamic charge acceptance (DCA) and lifetime of batteries under partial state-of-charge operations.

Several projects across the UK, EU and USA are included in the technical program covering not only fundamental but also applied research. This presentation is concentrated on the main findings obtained from the current research projects. Additionally, new technical projects that are selected from the CBI´s Request for Proposals (RFP) 2022 will be overviewed.


Begüm Bozkaya received her B. Sc. degree in Chemistry from Middle East Technical University and her M. Sc. degree in Materials Science from Technical University of Munich. Afterwards, she joined in the group of Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility at Fraunhofer ISC. During her Ph. D. at Fraunhofer ISC, she has investigated the effects of carbon additives on negative plates for lead-acid batteries. She has worked on several industrial projects for the last 6 years, at which she mainly focussed on the enhancement of the dynamic charge acceptance.