CBI targets - A guideline for product development in automotive and ESS applications

Agenda for
5-9 September

Spartacus Pedrosa
Director, ITEMM
CBI has made an outstanding service to the Lead battery industry, guiding advanced product development through its Technical Roadmap. The CBI Technical Roadmap is an important asset, pushing lead battery technology to keep playing a major role in a high-tech battery starved world.

In the automotive market, the race for reducing carbon footprint has its pathway based on fuel efficiency, where a battery with a higher charge acceptance and cyclability allows vehicles to keep battery operation in PSOC, saving fuel.

On the renewable energy segment, Battery Energy Storage Systems will become mainstream support for power generation. This brings a huge opportunity to the Lead battery industry, if a higher cyclability is reached. As a 100% recyclable product, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agendas should emphasize the use of advanced lead battery technology, like Lead Carbon batteries, in this market.

For both segments, this study will show how Moura Batteries is using CBI KPI’s to drive its innovation, pushing all technical team efforts to enable the use of Lead batteries in these market focused challenges.


Spartacus started his career in the lead battery business in 1999 at Moura Batteries, Brazil. He holds a bachelor degree in chemical engineering and master degrees in business administration and project management. At Moura he worked at product engineering, developing batteries for automotive and stationary application. In 2013 he helped to found ITEMM – Institute of Technology Edson Mororó Moura, first R&D company focused exclusively on energy storage in Brazil. ITEMM develops advanced lead carbon batteries as well as Battery Energy Storage Systems for several application in Brazil. He works for ITEMM as Executive Director.