CAM Innovation FASTMELT: the first induction melting oven for grid production

Agenda for
5-9 September

Francesco Marfisi
Marketing Manager, CAM Srl
FR CAM Srl has always focused on developing new systems and equipment with an eye on energy savings and environmentally friendly technologies, aspects which have become dramatically critical for battery manufacturers. After several years of research and development efforts, CAM presents the first, on demand system that generates liquid lead by means of magnetic induction for producing battery grids. This melting oven transforms only the lead needed for direct production, eliminating the need for standby ovens as per the current state of the art, while also reducing the footprint of today’s systems by four-fold. FASTMELT is the new system by CAM which will replace the current gas burning or electrical ovens for the production of lead grids.


Francesco Marfisi joined the CAM Srl family business in 2000, during his high school summer breaks, as an electrician's apprentice. In the following summers he rotated, again as an apprentice, between engineering production and the electrical department.

In 2011 he graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of L'Aquila and was hired as an electrical designer of LV electrical panels at CAM srl. In 2013 he spent 11 months at the Pierburg STP technical office, carrying out assembly line projects. At the end of 2014 he returned to CAM, where he became Electrical Manager and then, Marketing Manager in 2022.

CAM manufactures process equipment for lead acid batteries. The ultimate goal is to guarantee battery life and high performance over time, and Francesco's personal mission is to make the CAM Method known all over the world.

Passionate about marketing, or rather 'how to increase the numbers of a company', with a particular interest in direct response marketing and business strategy. In parallel with marketing, he is convinced that communication and R&D are the cornerstones for the future for today's companies.