ArcActive Carbon Fibre based electrodes for AGM lifetime extension

Agenda for
5-9 September

Stuart McKenzie
CEO, ArcActive
ArcActive (AA) has been developing a carbon fibre based negative electrode to improve Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA) and latterly rechargeability of EV Auxiliary Batteries. This presentation will address the latest performance data of AA carbon felt electrodes and discuss the ongoing need for high DCA in automotive applications. Furthermore, the emerging performance needs for EV auxiliary batteries will be outlined and comparative data from AA electrodes. The presentation will give additional insights and observations regarding DCA and rechargeability in micro-hybrid and EV auxiliary applications.


Stuart founded ArcActive with Assoc Professor John Abrahamson in 2011. He has been the CEO since this time. Prior to ArcActive, Stuart worked as a General Partner in two Venture Capital companies, and prior to this was a Consulting Engineer. Stuart has a B.Eng and MBA.