A river runs through it

Cultural and culinary treats on offer in Lyon

Much of the success of the French city of Lyon is down to its location at the confluence of two rivers –the mighty Rhône and La Saône. 

And it is at the convergence of these rivers that ELBC’s Gala Dinner will take place on Thursday 8 September. But more on that to come…

Lyon offers an array of cultural delights, from its traditional bouchons – restaurants serving traditional Lyonnaise fare – to its patchwork of 400 secret passageways related to the historic silk trade industry. For delegates to the ELBC battery innovation conference, a feast of cultural and culinary treats are available in Lyon.

The city features one of the largest renaissance old quarters in Europe, with historical must-sees including the 2,000-year-old theatre of Fourvière and the Vieux-Lyon district, where the ancient and renaissance influences collide. With ten per cent of Lyon classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city offers visitors a wide range of opportunities to learn more about its fascinating history.

Lyon is nestled at the confluence of two rivers – the mighty Rhône and La Saône. 

As the silk trade thrived in the 19th century, Lyon’s traboules – from the Latin meaning to ‘pass through’– offered workers more direct access to water sources than the typical maze of small streets in the city. With each traboule featuring a unique pastel colour, these secret covered passageways are an excellent way to experience the city’s past. 

For those interested in contemporary history, art and culture, Lyon’s galleries and more than 150 street murals offer the chance to explore Lyon’s modern side. In the Lumière Institute, find out why Lyon is known as the birthplace of cinema and discover more about the work of the Lumière brothers in inventing the cinematograph.

You can find out more about the wealth of experiences on offer during the ELBC week in Lyon on 6-9 September by visiting Only Lyon: Tourisme.

  • Watch out for our next blog on the numerous delicious reasons Lyon is named gastronomy capital of the world.