Give your batteries a boost in Lyon

Gastronomy, culture, history.

Gastronomy, culture, history. These aren’t typically things you would think about when attending a technical battery conference, but this year’s ELBC is changing that with its location in Lyon, France.

As the Global Lead Battery Innovation Conference & Expo returns in person on 6-9 September, its setting is one of the world’s greatest cities for food lovers: Lyon.

Famous for its bouchons – certified traditional Lyonnaise restaurants – which first opened in Croix-Rousse, the district of the silk workers, Lyon’s culinary gems are integral to the city’s heritage. Visitors enjoy a wide range of local food specialities, including duck and pork-based dishes, famous for being prepared with fresh and local produce.

Lyon’s bouchons where visitors can enjoy a wide range of traditional Lyonnaise food.

Combining thousands of years of history, this former Roman military stronghold is now the third largest city in France, after Paris and Marseille. It has a strong manufacturing heritage and a thriving arts scene, including street art and a fine art museum. With one of the largest Renaissance old quarters in the world and secret passageways known as the Traboules, Lyon has much to offer visitors.

ELBC attendees will be able to enjoy a unique range of experiences alongside the much-awaited battery innovation conference. 

Located just a few hours away from both Paris and France’s Mediterranean coast, Lyon’s proximity to the rest of Europe offers delegates the ideal chance to extend their visit and explore outside of the city.

The premier technical conference of the year dedicated to advanced lead battery innovation, ELBC promises to be a fantastic event bringing together the global lead battery industry under one roof for a few days of technical discussion, cutting-edge innovation and expo showcase.

Stay tuned for the next part of our Lyon Blog Series where we’ll be bringing you the highlights of all that Lyon has to offer.